Good results of an experimental drug against Ebola

The drug has been effective in patients with low viral load but in people with advanced disease, it has no positive effect.

An experimental antiviral being tested in a clinical trial conducted in the Ebola treatment center in Gueckedou, Guinea, and has been successful in its initial phase in some patients.

The trial was led by the French research institute INSERM. The whole world awaits the day that people have an effective drug against Ebola.

As indicated by the MSF center in Guinea in recent weeks they had shown that this experimental treatment, favipiravir – antiviral drug helping some patients and not working in others. Some recover, others die. And doctors do not know why this happens.

Today, INSERM has first given an explanation for this fact: favipiravir can make the difference between life and death for patients who have low levels of Ebola virus in their blood, reducing mortality in this group of patients figures who are between 15 and 30% (total mortality in this epidemic in Guinea is around 60%). However, in those patients with a high viral load and who have the disease in an advanced stage, the drug is not effective.

INSERM scientists argue that more research is needed to clarify whether, finally, the antiviral can be a reality for Ebola patients. Meanwhile, MSF is involved in another trial against the virus, this time with blood plasma with antibodies against Ebola cured patients who have volunteered to participate.